From visitors to residents, business and property owners – North Avenue Gateway BID28 welcomes you! The BID is here to help you shop, dine, work and play.



Formed in 2003, the Historic North Avenue Gateway Business Improvement District is a mile long and is defined by 27th on the east and Sherman Blvd on the west.   Rich with history and culture, the District is often called the “Gateway to Milwaukee’s neighborhoods”, as it abuts and is surrounded by seven historic neighborhoods – Metcalfe Park, Midtown, Sherman Park, Imani, Walnut Hill, Washington Heights and Uptown.

The Historic North Avenue Gateway BID is supported by the City of Milwaukee.   The BID primarily serves property owners who invest in the Business Improvement District. Other stakeholders include non-investor property owners (religious institutions and nonprofits), local businesses and local residents.

The Historic North Avenue Gateway District is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists primarily of District property owners and businesses.   The organization develops and implements strategies that aim to make the District more appealing for investors and a local hub for entrepreneurship and innovation.


To add significant and sustainable value for investors in the gateway business improvement district by developing and implementing economic development strategies that improve local economic conditions.

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Features Overview

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